Shoreline Dog Training Testimonials

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Just wanted to let you know that we took Charlie to the vet for his annual the other day and the doctor actually exclaimed “WOW!” after the visit! Charlie was still not happy to be there, but he didn’t snap at the techs as they gave him his physical. When he got his boosters, I was able to keep him focused on me and he behaved like an angel! He got so many treats and now I don’t feel like we are going to be blacklisted at the vet anymore! You not only helped my dog’s behavior, but you made sure that he can still stay healthy and keep going to the vet regularly without any hassle or risk of aggression incident. Thank you so much and I look forward to giving you more updates on Charlie’s progress!

Mona Clarkson & Charlie

Shoreline Dog Training is the epitome of professional dog training — kind, patient, informative, and effective! My pup Obi-Wan did the basic obedience training, and he learned all the necessary commands and tougher stuff like distance recall training, listening while at the park (this was near impossible prior to training), and not jumping on me when I got home. Obi-Wan is a better and happier dog because of this training!

Gerry Lane & Obi-Wan

Hey there! Thanks so much for all your help in our last session dealing with Baxter’s separation anxiety! He had a major breakthrough after you left! I went to work and he didn’t poop in his crate, nor did he try to bite his way out of the crate! I even set up a camera to watch while I was gone, and he either just slept or gnawed on his bones. It was so thrilling to see him calm and not screaming, pawing like crazy at the gate, or sitting in his own waste. Now that we’ve overcome this hurdle, I can’t wait to see Baxter advance further in your program!

Melinda Turnley & Baxter

I got Shoreline’s information through my friend Chris, who had his dog complete their aggression training program. My dog Seamus was a little beast before training, especially on the leash as it got to the point where I felt nervous taking him for walks. Seamus would lunge at dogs, and he has snapped at several people that tried to pet him. The training at Skyline was a Godsend…Seamus actually LISTENS to me, and walking him is so much more relaxed. He gained so much more confidence through training, and I gained so much more leadership skills. We’re both so grateful for Shoreline Dog Training and all the help they gave us!

Henry Swails & Seamus