Meet our Orange County Dog Trainer – Crystal Carpenter-Hall!

Crystal Carpenter-Hall has never met a dog that she didn’t like. Growing up in rural Oklahoma, she and her family always had pets, taking in and giving shelter to stray dogs. Crystal’s first love was a dachshund named Bootsie, who she met when she was only five-years-old, after her father brought him home in a lunchbox. Bootsie left a lasting impact on Crystal, reinforcing her love and compassion for animals, especially dogs.

Meet our expert Orange County dog trainer!For 10 years of her adult life, Crystal worked in the District Court Offices, including the District Attorney’s Office as a legal assistant. She also has worked as a floral designer and as an administrative secretary. While working at the DA’s office, Crystal conducted LSI’s on offenders, assessing their attributes and their situations to help determine the level of supervision they needed. She was able to help people, but Crystal wanted to help people AND dogs as well. Her job showed Crystal that everyone has the ability to change for the better, but sometimes people just need help to discover that. She not only wanted to help dogs discover this and change for the better, but also for owners to change and discover the confidence they need to to lead a harmonious, fulfilling life with their dogs. 

After moving from Oklahoma to southern California with her wife and son, Crystal decided to chase her dreams and make her passion for animals her livelihood. Crystal heard about Canine Trade Group, a top-notch school and network of professional reward-based dog trainers and behavior specialists. After applying and being accepted into the trainer’s course, Crystal gained all the necessary skills in handling and understanding canine psychology and behavior modification. Now with the tools and knowledge to help dogs of all backgrounds and behavior isses, Crystal returned home and started her own dog training business. She is thrilled to be working a job that she loves, and more importantly, to be making a difference in people’s lives and helping them develop a better connection with their furry family members!