In-home Dog Training

Orange County In-home Dog Training

Commitment-Based Dog Training in Southern California

Shoreline Dog Training is about training dogs AND their people! Our primary training programs are in-home, as we believe this style of training is the most effective and long-lasting for dogs and their owners. In-home dog training keeps owners involved in the training equation, and also gives the dog the opportunity to focus better in a more familiar atmosphere, before taking on distractions and environments with heavy stimuli and triggers!

How Does it Work?

When you call Shoreline Dog Training, our expert office team will talk with you in-depth about your dog’s behavior challenges and what it is you’re trying to accomplish through training. This will help us figure out what training program would be most suitable for you and your dog, and to help schedule an initial in-home consultation with our trainer. At this meeting, our dog trainer will meet you and your dog first-hand and help formulate a training plan that is based on your needs and training goals.

Real World Dog Training

All of our in-home dog training programs will begin in the home, but we will test you and your dog’s training out in all types of environments, including public areas that are teeming with distractions. This is to ensure that your dog understands that better behaviors are not just limited within the home or only with you…that the better behaviors are to be taken ANYWHERE, including the park, your favorite pet store, the lobby at your vet clinic, the grooming salon, etc. This will build reliability and more trust between you and your dog, where you can feel comfortable taking them for a walk outside and socializing/desensitizing them to other situations and possible triggers.

With a committed owner, our in-home dog training programs can only bring success. We work with you until we reach your goals, no matter how many lessons it takes. To make sure our clients get the positive results without breaking the bank, we charge a one-time flat fee that will cover your dog’s lifetime training. Think of us as your trainer on retainer! We know that every dog is different and works at their own individual paces. Our payment system is set up so that we are neither shortchanging owner OR dog when it comes to either finances or behavioral progress!

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How to Get Started

Our in-home dog training programs include puppy training, basic obedience and behavior modification for adult dogs, aggression rehabilitation, and an expecting parents training program. If you and your dog need help with any behavior issue, reach out to Shoreline Dog Training at 800.649.7297, or e-mail us using our contact form.


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