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Group dog training classes in Orange County

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Our Orange County dog trainer is now offering the Practical Pet Protocol in different locations in the area! A six-week group obedience class regimen, the Practical Pet Protocol will cover all your basic obedience needs for your dog, while also providing an environment for both distraction and  desensitization training!

While Shoreline Dog Training offers primarily in-home dog training programs, we also understand that there is a desire and benefit for group dog training classes. There’s the socialization aspect, and with other dogs and people in attendance, it can be a good test for a dog’s follow-through among other distractions. The Practical Pet Protocol is designed to be the most comprehensive basic obedience class, giving introductory training exercises for dogs that need to learn their basic commands and manners.

The Practical Pet Protocol group dog training classes will consist of the following:

  • Basic obedience commands: this will include Sit, Stay, Down, Heel, Come, and Place.
  • Beyond classroom experience: everything we teach in the class is meant to be useful in different environments. Our time-tested behavior modification strategy is to help your dog follow-through and remain reliable in the home, in the park, in the pet store, and any other settings outside the classroom.
  • Distraction training: this will include simulations of crowded environments, meeting another dog or person, and a dinner table situation.
  • Relationship building and bonding: training is not just about getting your dog to behave, but it’s about owners becoming confident leaders that their dog can feel comfortable following. We believe that training should be a bonding experience, where the owner-dog relationship is based on trust and respect, not fear or dominance.
  • Learning resources: this will include a 30+ page booklet to reference once you’re back at home, a mobile app designed to help you practice, and feedback from the trainer!

Group classes can be helpful for most dogs. However, to ensure the safety of our students and effectiveness of the training, we have to restrict the admittance of some dogs. However, these dogs can still sign up for in-home dog training programs so they can receive the one-on-one training that will benefit them more. These dogs include:

  • Leash reactive dogs, such as ones that will lunge, bark, snarl, or snap at other dogs while on the leash
  • Dogs younger than six months
  • Dogs with existing behaviors problems, such as aggression, anxiety, or extreme fearful behavior

For Practical Pet Protocol group classes, if you’re looking for a location and to sign up with us, give us a ring at 800.649.7297, or e-mail us using our contact form.