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Professional In-home dog training that gets results!

At Shoreline Dog Training, our focus is in-home dog training. We offer several different training programs that are suited for any troubled dog, no matter the breed, age, size, or even behavior problem. Our certified professional dog trainer will work with you and your dog until your training goals are met. To also ensure your quality recall, reliability, and maintain trust between owner and dog, we will test your dog in different environments (i.e.: in your neighborhood, at the park, etc.) with different stimuli present (i.e.: other dogs, people, cars, skateboards, etc.).

Why In-home Training?

Our basic in-home dog training is one of the most effective programs out there to help tackle obnoxious habits and/or to instill a structure of basic obedience for your dog. It is also guides owners to help dogs overcome issues like separation anxiety. If your dog doesn’t follow commands, drags you with a leash, jumps and snatches food off counters, excessively barks, chews up your furniture, screams in their crate, or refuses to potty train, your dog can learn to make better decisions with our in-home training.

We Train Puppies, Too!

The puppy training program is in-home and is appropriate for puppies that range from 8-16 weeks old. This is an excellent way to get your puppy started on the right paw before they mature and learn inappropriate behaviors. Our puppy training will cover all the basics and more: potty training, separation anxiety prevention, basic commands, leash behavior, greeting manners, playful nipping redirection, socialization, etc.

We Can Resolve ALL Forms of Aggression

Shoreline Dog Training’s aggressive dog training program has helped hundreds of dogs avoid tragic fates, such as surrendering to a shelter, a torn, devastated family, and euthanasia. We understand aggression is a serious issue, and can be frightening for many dog owners. Our professional dog trainer will work with any form of aggression, including human aggression, and will help owners rebuild their relationship with their dog. Our aggressive dog training will assist your dog in overcoming food aggression, dog aggression, child aggression, toy aggression, fear aggression, and more.

Cribs and Canines is our expecting parents training program. It is a unique approach where we work with dogs and owner to prepare them for the arrival of a newborn baby. This includes desensitizing a dog to a change of routines, the presence of a baby, walking well with a stroller, and more. For owners who already have children can enroll in our Cribs and Canines program as well.

Whatever your dog’s needs are, we can meet them with any of our training programs. We shape our training plans in accordance with the dog’s personality, lifestyle, problems, and what the owner’s goals are. For a committed dog owner, it’s a sure win situation, as our trainer will train with you and your dog until we achieve results!

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How to Get Started

To find out more about our programs, please explore our different program links, or contact us at 800.649.7297. You can also write us using our contact form here.


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