Dog Training for New Parents

Dog Training for New Parents in the OC

Shoreline Dog Training is now offering a dog training program for dog owners who are also expecting parents. Our Orange County dog trainer understands that having baby, while exciting, can also be stressful. Your dog can pick up on this stress and it can affect them in many different ways. Some dogs might welcome a new baby pack member into the family without any issues. Some dogs might have trouble adjusting.

Cribs and Canines not only to preps you as an expecting parent, but your dog for when your new baby comes home. If you or your spouse/partner is pregnant, and are concerned about how your dog will react to a new baby in the home, we’re here to give you peace of mind! We’ve worked with many dogs that have shown aggression toward children and babies in the past, and through our program, they have overcome this behavior problem and live a comfortable, obedient life with the new baby. If your dog is not aggressive, we can still equip them with good manners and boundaries, even before your baby comes home from the hospital! 

Does your dog pull on the leash or won’t stop barking every time they see another dog on a walk? We can fix this problem, and this can make walks with you, your dog, and your new baby more pleasant and safe! We will do situational training exercises that are very baby specific, such as having your dog heel on the leash next to stroller, or how to behave near a crib, how to relax in their place when you pick up your baby and give them attention, how to stay calm when your baby is crawling on the floor, etc. Our Cribs and Canines program includes this and much more; owners will also learn how to establish a consistent routines with their dog after the baby comes home. Keeping this consistency will not only help owners, but will make the dog’s transition easier!

If you already have a baby and see that your dog is already exhibiting problematic behaviors, you can still sign up for Cribs and Canines! No matter how old your dog OR child is, we can help you with any behavioral problem, including disobedience, hyperactive behavior, child/baby aggression, separation anxiety, etc. To enlist in our Cribs and Canines training program, call us at 800.649.7297, or e-mail us.