Training Dogs and Teaching People

Shoreline Dog Training is committed to providing the most effective, reward-based dog training for dogs in Orange County and surrounding areas. Not only will our training help your dog overcome ANY behavioral problem, it will also give you as the owner the power and knowledge to be a competent handler where you can set your dog up for behavioral success for a lifetime!

dog and owner trainingOur Orange County in-home dog training programs are reward-based and commitment-based. By reward-based, we mean setting your dog up for success so that he/she can learn better behaviors and learn to adopt them as their general behaviors. It’s to take away opportunities for failure and to take away the distractions so that we can reintroduce them later when your dog is better equipped to face them. Commitment-based training simply means that when an owner commits to our training program so that they can help their dog succeed, then we commit to their case until that success is achieved, no matter how long or how many lessons it takes!

When you sign up for in-home and commitment-based dog training with Shoreline Dog Training, you are essentially guaranteed success for your dog. If you’re committed, then the success will come, as our professional Orange County dog trainer will be by your side until you reach your training goals together. Our in-home dog training starts you and your dog off in your familiar environment so you can control the amount of distractions and triggers. It starts things off at ease and then when you progress together, you and your dog can face distractions, triggers, and other challenges together in AND outside the home, such as at a public park or outdoor dining patio.

We pride ourselves in not only helping dogs but teaching people how to be confident leaders for their dogs. The goal is to teach better long-lasting behaviors for the dog. If the owner is not capable of being consistent and applying the training themselves, the risk of regression for the dog increases. Instead of setting the dog up failure and wasted time for the owner, we empower owners with the tools and knowledge to successfully communicate with and handle their dogs. This in turn also encourages a better relationship between the owner and dog, where a foundation of trust, love, and respect for one another is created.

Do you want your dog to behave better because he/she trusts your leadership, rather than fears your command and dominance? Do you want your dog and yourself to be set up for success at the beginning? Do you want a committed dog trainer that will show you how to be the best leader for your dog, while also showing your dog how to choose better behaviors for themselves? Call Shoreline Dog Training at 800.649.7297 and our office staff will connect you with our certified, professional dog trainer in Orange County!