Shoreline’s Puppy Training Program – Start Now!

So, you’ve got a puppy! You may be surprised to hear that that training a dog starts with the puppy stage, which sometimes feels impossible, just ask fellow dog trainer in St Louis who also deals with this issue with his clients. You may find yourself sleeping less and constantly correcting them – is it even worth it to try to seriously train them when they aren’t listening? But to start that solid behavioral foundation, you have to start early, and the best results come from consistency and persistence – especially when they’re young and wild.

Shoreline Dog Training offers an in-home puppy training program.

Here at Shoreline Dog Training we make it a point to not only train the puppy, but also the owner. It’s key to teach you the correct training methods, too, so that when your dog slips up or learns a bad behavior, you know how to start correcting them in ways that they recognize. For puppies, this is key. They will learn the world of right and wrong from the way you react and respond to their behaviors. Both dog and owner will learn how consistent scheduling is important, and that the way we can help the dog succeed is by setting them up for it – not waiting for them to make a mistake and then punishing them. Reinforcing good behaviors with positive reinforcement makes training fun and memorable for the puppy, who will then be happy to do the correct behavior every time.

If you want to start training your puppy and get them on the right path early, pick up the phone and call our expert at Shoreline Dog Training at 800.649.7297. We’ll schedule a one-on-one consultation session with you to assess the best steps for your new household addition, on your time.