Don’t Wait for Behaviors to Get Worse – Call Shoreline Dog Training for Help!

So you’ve noticed a change in your dog’s behavior – or maybe you adopted a dog knowing that they had a quirk, or some trauma in their past that may have caused a behavioral issue. Are you worried that your dog’s behavior may be on the fast track to getting worse? Does it surface around other people, dogs, or when you’re outside on a walk? Identifying a bad behavior is the first step, but the second step is always working to resolve it – don’t let bad behavior hang around and get worse.

Have a well trained dog with Shoreline Dog Training Orange County!

Have a well trained dog with Shoreline Dog Training Orange County!

How does bad behavior progress? Say your dog knows that he isn’t supposed to get up on your bed. This is a boundary that the two of you have established for several months, and when you say no, he jumps down, but he sometimes still tries to get up on the bed. This is a boundary pushing behavior that your dog is using to test if the rule is still there. If you start letting him up on the bed, there’s a good chance he’ll be happy to jump up, because despite it being against the rules, he’d still like to be up there. Being inconsistent with demands (saying yes one day and then no the other) is a good way to confuse your dog because they look to you for guidance about what’s right and wrong.

Patterns of inconsistent commands may cause behavioral issues and other boundary pushing – maybe he’ll be getting up on the couch, refusing to get off the bed, or he won’t listen to you in other situations. Address the problem when it crops up the first time and stay consistent in what you want – if the bed is a ‘no’, keep it a ‘no’.

At Shoreline Dog Training Orange County, we’re happy to talk to you about any behavioral issues and discuss the ways to correct a behavior that’s gone sour. Give us a call today at 800.649.7297 to talk to one of our expert trainers about our in-home training programs.