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About Our Orange County Dog Trainer

The most professional, in-home dog trainer in Orange County!

Our Orange County dog trainer is a certified professional dog trainer that practices a reward-based and commitment-based dog training protocol. Shoreline Dog Training’s trainer is also widely referred in the veterinarian community, and works closely with clients’ vets so that the dog’s overall health (behavioral and physical) is fully cared for.

While Shoreline Dog Training will provide written material and demonstrations in the training sessions, it is more hands-on than that. Owners will learn their dog’s body language, why their dog is misbehaving, and how to combat it by establishing consistent leadership and respect. Often times when owners are struggling with their dog’s poor behaviors, it is because owners are unsure how to communicate with their dogs, and how to set things up where the dog can ultimately succeed. We’re here to help you find the best approach where your dog can make the better choices, and you as the owner can remain the leader with fair and consistent boundaries for your dog.

Our in-home dog training is one of the best training programs out there, because we not only work with the dogs, we work with the people too! Owners will not only learn to curb and eliminate their dog’s inappropriate behaviors, but also how to build confidence all around and feel like a successful dog parent that can show their dog how to flourish! Shoreline Dog Training’s in-home dog training includes a puppy training program, a basic obedience/behavior modification program (issues range from commands, destructive habits, separation anxiety, and more), an aggressive dog training program, and an expecting parents program where dogs will learn how to behave around a new baby, even before the baby is born and brought to the home!

If you’re looking for the best dog trainer in Orange County, then contact us at Shoreline Dog Training. We’re here to help dogs discover behavioral balance, and for owners to find the positive results they need, no matter how long it takes! We are committed to you and your dog, no matter the issue, and we will work with you until the job is done!

To find out more about our training, call us at 800.649.7297, or contact us using our contact form. If you’re unsure about what training program to enroll in, browse through our dog training programs.


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