Here at Shoreline Dog Training, we’re here to eliminate canine behavioral issues, not just manage them. Our training practices come from nearly thirty years of successful experience, offering owners lifelong skills on communication and reward-based handling for their dogs.

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Why Shoreline Dog Training?

No dog is too much for us, and we can tackle any behavior issue. Age, size, breed, temperament does not stop us from helping dogs and keeping families together. Shoreline Dog Training provides professional dog training to all of Orange County and the surrounding areas! We specialize in working with dogs from many different backgrounds, and we can cover the most rudimentary training, and also the more advanced behavior modification for the more severe cases. We specialize in the following:

  • Aggression (all forms)
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Basic Obedience
  • Crate Training
  • Leash Walking
  • Recall
  • Puppy Training
  • Housebreaking
  • Excessive Behaviors (jumping, chewing, digging)

Shoreline Dog Training is part of Canine Trade Group, a school and network of dog trainers that follow a reward-based dog training methodology, and that are among the most successful trainers in the United States. These trainers were admitted and graduated from a highly-selective course that extensively taught canine psychology and operant conditioning; the trainers also participated in a hands-on practicum that gave them the opportunity to learn with local rescue dogs, and help them become vetted and eligible for adoption.

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Training Dogs and Teaching People

Training Dogs and Teaching People Shoreline Dog Training is committed to providing the most effective, reward-based dog training for dogs in Orange County and surrounding areas. Not only will our training help your dog overcome ANY behavioral problem, it will also...

Shoreline’s Puppy Training Program – Start Now!

Shoreline's Puppy Training Program - Start Now! So, you’ve got a puppy! You may be surprised to hear that that training a dog starts with the puppy stage, which sometimes feels impossible, just ask fellow dog trainer in St Louis who also deals with this issue with his...

Commitment based, in-home dog training

Sure, there are a ton of dog trainers available out there; however, Shoreline Dog Training has made itself known as one the best in-home dog training companies in the Orange County area. Our dog training programs are for any dog, be it a shelter dog or the one that you fell in love with at the breeder’s. Behavioral problems are the number one reason why dogs end up without homes, either stuck in the pound and/or edging closer to being put down. Shoreline Dog Training prides itself in helping save hundreds of dogs from surrender or euthanasia. Dogs that are battling aggression issues (i.e.: fear-based, dog aggression, human aggression, food aggression, etc) can learn how to trust and feel confident again through our aggressive dog training program. We also offer behavior modification for other serious problems, such as anxiety, nervous behavior, hyperactivity, and more. If your puppy or dog needs just the basics, our puppy training program and basic obedience program will address your needs.

We get results!

The best thing about Shoreline Dog Training is not only will we get you results, we will get you the results through a customized training plan that is suited best for you and your dog. Before training commences, we meet with you and your dog for an initial in-home consultation so that we can have a better understanding of not only what the problems are, but what the specific lifestyle and needs the dog and owner has. Then, we can map out a training protocol that is tailored to the owner’s goals, and once the owner commits to the training, we commit to them and their dog until the job is complete! Shoreline Dog Training will work with you and your dog until your training goals are achieved!

Change is possible

We believe that dogs are not just pets, but also family members. When a family member needs any help, we must step in and help them overcome their issues. Shoreline Dog Training wants to help your dog combat their bad habits or severe behavior, and offer them an alternative life where they can be relaxed, well-behaved, and most importantly, happy in their forever home. 

We offer group basic obedience classes, and our in-home dog training programs include puppy training, basic behavior modification, aggression rehabilitation, and even an expecting parents training program. If you and your dog are both suffering from your dog’s behavioral issues, don’t wait until it worsens or a serious incident occurs. Call Shoreline Dog Training at 800.649.7297, or write us using our contact form.

Office Hours

Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm EST.

Training Hours

Weekdays, Weeknights & Weekends by appointment only. 

We accept cash, check or credit cards. 

Our trainer is certified by Canine Trade Group – School for Professional Dog Trainers.